Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tentative Programme

October - November 2009: Preparatory Period for the Secretariat and Organizing Committee

6-14 January 2010: Preparation for Programming the Conference and Welcome Arrangement

15 January 2010: Conference registration at Conference Venue
Opening of the Conference by President of Nepal, Rt Hon'ble Ram Varan Yadav (Proposed)

Opening statements

Introduction of international and national resource persons, donors and sponsors

Welcome reception to resource persons and delegates by the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly, Rt Hon'ble Subhash Chandra Nemwang (proposed)

16-17 January 2010: Plenary Sessions and Keynote Speeches

Group interactions on thematic sessions (five identified themes to discuss drafts)

Reporting on the achievements and follow up actions

Interactions of international resource persons with political actors on the sidelines

Closing session in the presence of the Prime Minister of Nepal, Rt Hon'ble Madhav Kumar Nepal(proposed)

18 January 2010: International experts join social events, a couple of them continue meeting political actors, and some depart

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