Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Call for Participation and Papers

The Conference is open for 40 nternational participants and 60 Nepalese constitutional experts and Constituent Assembly members.

We hereby extend our invitation to scholars and experts to express their interest to write papers on the draft Constitution for the Conference. There is room for presentation of 11 papers. One paper on the following each subject:

(1) Fundamental rights and directive principles
(2) Rights of minority and marginalezed communities
(3) Independence of judiciary
(4) Status and structure of constitutional bodies
(5) Constitutional bases for cultural and social solidarity
(6) Committee on the preservation of national interest
(7) The form of the legislative organ of the state
(8) The form of government
(9) Federalism and/or devolution of power
(10)Allocation of natural resources, financial powers and revenues in federalization/local self-government context
(11)Other parts of a modern constitution

The deadline for sending the abstracts of papers in English is December 25, 2009. Each abstract is proposed to have about 800 to 1,000 English words, which will be translated and printed in both Nepali and English as Conference documents. The deadline for submitting full papers in English is January 5, 2010. There is no size limit. Please see the "Conference format" above for basic guidelines.

All abstracts and papers for the Conference will be published on the conference website to be designed later so that more time could be devoted to discussions rather than presentation at the Conference sessions. If you disagree to publish your abstract and/or full paper on the website, you have the choice to clarify this point when you make your submission.

Any participant, Nepalese or international willing to circulate their comments, recommendations or papers in the conference are most welcome. Such comments, recommendations, and papers must be submitted by January 05, 2010.

The Conference language is English. Simultaneous interpretation between Nepali and English will be provided for the plenary sessions.

Papers and abstracts are to be sent on

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