Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Conference Objective

Overall Goal:

The overall goal of organizing an international conference is to help induct democratic norms, values and procedures in the new constitution, and contribute to the institutionalization of principles of constitutionalism and rule of law to resolve conflict and permanently establish peace in Nepal.

Immediate objective:

• Improve the quality of the new constitutional draft and its technical and conceptual soundness through inputs from prominent national and international experts;

• Enable CA members and key political and civil society leaders, especially from Constitutional and other technical committees of CA, benefit from comparative experiences through their direct interactions with constitutional scholars and practitioners of international reputation about constitutional issues of Nepal's interest and concern;

• Embolden jurisprudential/theoretical foundation and democratic contents of the draft Constitution to international standards by bridging the identified conceptual gaps through open debates and deliberations;

• Offer opportunity to the international community to understand and appreciate the dynamics of Nepal’s post-conflict country situation and areas of special needs that need to be addressed by the constitutional framework through appropriate choice of or reforms in the form of governance and devolution structure;

• Sensitize CA members, political actors and the common people about comments and feedback on the nature and contents of the new Constitution and its implementation tools as received from technical experts from within and without.

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